I started writing ​Matrix Mindpower in 1995, with my good friend and co-author Dr. Ronald S Laura. We hypothesized that engaging our minds fully during exercise, specifically weight training, could MAGNIFY the already published benefits of regular physical activity.

Matrix Mindpower details the science behind mindfulness exercise. Drawing upon the latest research on PNI (psychoneuroimmunology), which is a fascinating branch of medicine that believes the mind, nervous system, and immune system are not separate "islands" within the body but rather constitute ONE entity. Coming from this perspective, we are not compartmentalized beings (as the medical model sees us) but rather an organisme of harmonious oneness.

In the context of exercise, our mind and body operate optimally when integrated as one entity. It is our belief that once this occurs, the effects of exercise on blood pressure, cholesterol, weight loss, and aging can be enhanced or magnified.
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The time has come for a fresh new approach to fitness and health that unites what we want with what we do. How many times have you said "I should exercise" but you don't or "I'll go on a diet tomorrow" but tomorrow never comes.

It's time for Getting to the Bottom of It--a complete guide for women that explores the physiological and psychologicl aspects of bodyweight management.

Watch the 3 clips below* for more details of Michael's book. Michael was on TV explaining his book in a QVC-type format. Sorry, the offer detailed on the show has expired.

Anyone interested in this book, please click on the PayPal icon below. This is an e-book, so please  provide PayPal your e-mail upon checkout.

*Michael also refers to the business as Core Essentials throughout videos.